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“Your work has always met our needs and production is always organized, budget-conscious and efficient. It is a comfort to know we can call on Jack Vince Productions to meet our corporate and business needs.”

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Visual Arts Services

Creative project development
Event design & management
Special effects: pyro, lasers, illusions
Show openers, finales, & highlights
Graphics, animations & presentations
Video production services: pre & post
Professional voice-over production
Photography & onsite photographic printing
Audio-visual & technical support
Audience response technology
Music production, parodies
Creative writing, scripting
Themed extravaganzas
Digital signage
Custom banners


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Because of our unique business model, we are focused on you and you alone. We are available to respond to your needs, 24 -7 whenever and whatever may arise. Planning is an important element in the execution of your event; therefore, we know that it is critical to make sure all the segments of the event are well thought out, timed and backups are in place. Because time really is money.


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Creativity is more than designing the look and feel of an event. It is necessary to be creative in all aspects of a program. Budgets impact all the segments, but having an extensive knowledge base of just the theatrical arts is not enough. JVP’s core group also comes with a deep understanding, experience and training in all the aspects that will impact your event from the theatrical, hospitality, transportation and entertainment industries alike.


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It is not enough to simply understand your craft. It is a must to constantly upgrade your knowledge of the equipment, technology and creativity. JVP’s core staff and JVP’s worldwide resources are constantly training, upgrading and integrating the ever-changing technology within our industry and utilizing that knowledge to enhance our clients’ projects, making sure they come in budget with the utmost “WOW Factor” possible.


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First and foremost, we understand how import it is to “LISTEN” to our clients’ needs, requirements and sensitivities to a project. Then we “CREATE”, using that understanding, combining all these elements to develop and design the best possible event. We are here for you and you alone, that’s our promise.


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If you are ready for the JVP experience, contact us today! We are ready to be your Creative/Production Team…whenever and wherever you need us.

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